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My exclusive Tarot VIP Club has now been launched.  Join today and receive a 20% discount code, plus other regular bonus goodies.


Go to my website and store, Tarot Farm, to purchase a reading and read my blog posts.


(I will be attempting to post on my personal blog about all the other subjects that catch my eye – Me and My Life)


What is over in the side bar?

  1. Sign up box for the Tarot VIP Club.
  2. Social media and email buttons.  Come and join in with my fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  3. Link to my Etsy Shop, if you would like to purchase a reading and then grab something amazing like a knitted unicorn!
  4. Some of my favourite products on Amazon.
  5. A quick link to my business Pinterest account – boards include Crystals, Health Stuff, Faeries and Beautiful Places.  (If you want to see my personal Pinterest account with 104 boards – including Cute Cats, Amazing Houses and Places I Want To Visit – go HERE.)



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